LETTER: Vote ‘no’ on Props 1 & 2

I and a group of people have been going door to door to inform people of the important Proposals 1 and 2 that will be on the Nov. 4 ballot. We are amazed how many people are unaware that a voting right the people of Michigan have had for at least 100 years will be taken away if we do not say “no” to Proposal 2.

These two proposals really go hand in hand, because Proposal 1 refers to the question of whether Michigan voters want to have wolf hunts in our state. Proposal 2 gives the seven appointed members of the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) — people with no scientific background — the right to decide which animals will be hunted, with no challenge allowed by the voters.

The law giving the NRC this right was passed by our legislators because they knew the people of Michigan would vote NO to hunting wolves for trophies, and they were determined to thwart the will of the voters.

The signature gathering that put the wolf hunt on the ballot as Proposal 1 is the same kind of activity that occurred several years ago when the Mourning Dove was placed on the hunting list. The people said “no” and ended that hunt, but if Proposal 2 passes, the people will no longer have that right.

Do we really want to lose an important part of our voting rights in order to hunt wolves? If not, vote “no” on Proposals 1 and 2. This proposal is found on the lower back side of the ballot.

Bettye Maki, 

West Bloomfield



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Press Releases: Dec 14, 2016

In the 2014 general election, Michigan voters soundly rejected two referendums on the trophy hunting and trapping of the state’s small population of wolves. But now, the Michigan legislature has rushed through another bill, SB 1187, to once again designate wolves as a game species to be hunted and trapped—in spite of that public rejection of an almost identical measure at the ballot box just two years ago...


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